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Our red worms have been specially raised and groomed to outperform other red worms! One of our secrets is Nature’s Good Guys Soldier Worm Chow. This food additive helps promote fast growth and encourages reproduction. As Red Worms travel through soil they are consuming and creating air passages which help aerate and amend the soil! Red Worms will consume any kind of biodegradable matter. Such as: fruits, veggies, coffee grounds, eggshell and more! As Red Worms consume organic matter they produce Worm Castings. Red Worms eat their weight in organic matter every 24 hours. Release Rates: 2-3 worms per sq. ft.


Red worms will consume any kind of biodegradable matter except materials containing excess oil or chemicals. Suggested – fruits, vegetables, coffee grounds, tea bags, eggshells, and any vegetable – matter. Not Suggested – meat, bones, salt, vinegar, cooking oil or dairy products. A 12-14 gallon worm bin will hold about 6 lbs. of organic waste per week but we recommend starting slowly. To encourage decomposition, you may want to finely chop the material before adding it to the bin. 

Window Screen Harvesting Technique
When it is nearly time to harvest, set a window screen (cut 6″ wider than the bin all around) over the composting mass, then place fresh bedding on top of the screen and feed on top of this second layer. The worms will squeeze through as food runs out below and the food above attracts them. After a few months, take hold of the screen edges and lift it out. Harvesting the castings that are below the screen. Dump the newer composting material from on top of the screen into the bottom of the empty bin and replace the screen.


Almost any container that keeps worms in and offers drainage and sufficient oxygen can be used. The basic worm box size is one foot high, two feet deep, three feet wide and has air holes in the bottom. However, a variety of containers will do.
Use Vermi World Worm Bin. See details to the right.
We recommend bedding made from shredded newspapers and compost or good garden soil. Tear regular newsprint only (no colored pages) in strips approximately 1.5” wide. The bedding should be moistened to the “firm ball” stage. When squeezed, water droplets (not streams) will fall and when released it will form a ball. You will need to either put a tight fitting vented lid on your bin or keep a light on over to prevent them from escaping. It is normal to have worms crawling up the sides and getting under the lid of a plastic bin. They like to be in the condensation that forms in these bins.
*Note: Never use water from water softening systems as the salt will kill the worms


Red worms can also be used in an outdoor compost pile. If possible, release the worms in the morning. This will give them time to settle into their new environment before dark and help prevent crawling. Simply dig a shallow hole in the pile, spread the worms along with the bedding they came with into the hole and cover. The worms will naturally seek out an area of the pile that is the right temperature. During cold months, they will migrate into the center where the temperature is generally warmer and in warm months they will migrate to the outside.

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