Ranunculus Half Clone Marshmallow


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15 Corms to a Container

"Ranunculus Half-Clone: Marshmallow" is a captivating Ranunculus variety that showcases extremely large blooms, each revealing rose-like petals in delicate blush-pink tones. These enchanting flowers add an element of romance and elegance to any garden or floral arrangement.

The name "Marshmallow" conjures images of softness and sweetness, perfectly reflecting the gentle blush-pink hues of its petals. The rose-like petals add an extra layer of charm, evoking the timeless allure of classic roses.

In gardens and floral compositions, 'Marshmallow' Ranunculus stands out as a symbol of romance and grace. Its exquisite color palette creates an atmosphere of tenderness and beauty, making it an ideal choice for adding a touch of natural elegance to any setting.

This Ranunculus variety is a gentle reminder of the delicate and timeless beauty found in nature. "Ranunculus Half-Clone: Marshmallow" invites you to embrace the softness of its blush-pink petals and the enchantment of its rose-like blooms, where each flower tells a story of love and elegance.

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