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15 Corms to a Container

"Ranunculus Amandine: 'Bonbon'" is a captivating Ranunculus variety that boasts rich and vibrant shades of deep pink to magenta. Its blooms are a delightful confection of color, reminiscent of sweet and indulgent bonbons.

The name "Amandine: 'Bonbon'" conjures images of sweetness and delight. "Bonbon" alludes to the candy-like hues of the petals, while "Amandine" adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, emphasizing the richness and depth of the deep pink to magenta shades.

In gardens and floral compositions, 'Bonbon' Ranunculus is a symbol of vibrancy and joy. Its vivid color palette creates an atmosphere of celebration and happiness, making it a perfect choice for infusing energy and vivacity into any setting.

This Ranunculus variety is a delightful reminder that nature's palette can be as sweet and vibrant as a box of bonbons. "Ranunculus Amandine: 'Bonbon'" invites you to savor the beauty of its rich pink and magenta hues, where each bloom is a treat for the eyes and the soul.

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