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Gladiolus plants are tender flowering plants that grow from corms. These heat lovers are often referred to as “sword lilies” for their distinctive upright leaf blades and tall flower spikes which open from the bottom upwards. Foliage is strap-like and vertical. Gladiolus look best when planted in large groups. It is common to stake them.

Vista is a unique gladioli variety with its petals displaying there different colors of white, purple, and magenta.


Site: Full Sun to Partial Shade

Days to Bloom: 75 – 80

Height: 50″ – 60″

Hardiness Zone: 8 – 10

Plant spacing: 6-8″

Pinch: Not necessary


Growing Notes:

Plant flat side down, pointed side up, about 4″ deep and 6″ apart, in average-to-rich easily worked soil. Press down the soil firmly and water them in when planting. Although moderately drought tolerant, consistent moisture will produce better blooms. In fall, when plants die back, carefully cut the stem, and leave in the ground. Gladiolus will  naturalize in warm climates and come back and multiply year after year. If you’re growing in containers, stop watering at the end of Fall. Leave them in their pots or take them out and dry.



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